Mi Community Mediation Program

The Mi Community Mediation Program helps people to reach a resolution for disputes throughout Australia. If you have conflict with family, neighbours, in your club or association or other community setting we may be able to help. Click on View Options to find out more or get in touch.


Mediation is a confidential and voluntary process used to resolve disputes and conflict without the cost and stress of going to court or adversarial legal action.

No or Low Cost

This program is for people who are not able to afford commercial rates for mediation services.

Co-Mediation Service

Two mediators for less than the price of one! This program provides experience for newer mediators as we support you to resolve your dispute.

Best Practice in Dispute Resolution

The alliance between leading Mediation training provider, Mediation Institute and social enterprise not-for-profit Interact Support means we provide best practice dispute resolution services not constrained by funding guidelines and the constraints that government funded mediation services often have to deal with. If you don't think that months or years of conflict can be resolved in an hour come and talk with us rather than a time limited government funded service.

Help to have those difficult conversations needed to resolve disputes and conflict and re-set your relationship.

For disputes with neighbours, customers, service providers and family members (not family law mediation). 

Not sure if mediation is appropriate for your situation? Free triage conversations to work out whether mediation is worth considering. 

We support the work of service clubs by providing low cost mediation services to help resolve disputes between club members, committees and others. 

We support the work of small not-for-profits by providing low cost mediation services for disputes within the organisation or between you and others.