Dispute Resolution Memberships

A low annual membership fee ensures that you have priority access to our external complaint handling service. External Complaint Handling provides an independent professional dispute resolution body to escalate complaints to for resolution. We provide review, appeals, mediation and investigation to help resolve rather than having issues go straight to a tribunal or court. We deal with complaint escalation and investigation for educational institutions, aged care providers and disability services providers.

We also provide for academic appeals for our education provider members.

Complaint Handling

Evaluation of complaints included in membership.

Dispute Resolution

Qualified specialist mediators available to facilitate dispute resolution.

Academic Reviews

Academic Reviews, Investigations, Consulting and Training available.

Our Most Popular Membership

Education Provider Membership

Best Practice in Dispute Resolution

Is your organization complying with your obligations under your regulations? Is the way you deal with complaints and disputes making the most of the improvement opportunities they provide?

Membership provides you with certification to confirm that you have in place an independent complaint handling service. 

Mediation is a confidential process designed to resolve disputes without the need for court or adversarial legal processes. 

Investigation is when there are claims of improper behaviour and independent investigation is required.  

Academic reviews provide independent evaluation of your assessment process. This may relate to an individual student or to an assessment activity or activities.

Support for your internal complaint handling.  Review of your policy and procedures. Consulting and training to help improve your customer service standards. 

Membership Categories