Compliance Support

Meet your obligations under your regulatory standards with an independent complaint handling and dispute resolution service on call.

Academic Appeal

Ensure that your policies and procedures comply.

Your policies and procedures are your instructions to staff about how to deal with student dissatisfaction, complaints, appeals and disputes.

Early and effective intervention prevents issues escalating and help to protect your businesses reputation.

Academic Review

The service provides for a fully qualified professional trainer to review the assessment process which is being challenged for compliance with your obligations under the relevant regulations.

Online Learning

How EDR Works

Education Dispute Resolution (EDR) Membership covers the cost of the initial escalated complaint or appeal and determining the appropriate response based on the specific situation. Additional fees will apply if mediation, investigation or an academic appeal is required.


Step One

Your internal complaint handling team member escalates the complaint or appeal if the student or stakeholder is unsatisfied with the internal complaint handling process provided by your organisation.

Resolution approach

Step Two

Our team member will review the dispute or appeal information. They may be able to resolve the dispute at that point or determine that another process such as mediation, investigation or an appeal is required. This will be communicated to the complainant and the member organisation.


Step Three

Following payment in accordance with your complaint handling policy a dispute resolution professional with the appropriate skills and qualifications will be assigned to work towards a resolution of the issues.

Free review of your Dispute Resolution Policy.

Included in your membership is a desk audit of your dispute resolution policy against best practice standards with recommendations.

Help to update your Dispute Resolution Policy.

For an additional fee, we can provide a specialist to work with your team to deal with deficiencies identified in your internal dispute resolution.


An annual membership fee provides for a membership certificate to confirm that you have priority access to our education dispute resolution services. Members are entitled to phone support, a review of your dispute resolution policy and additional support as required.


Education Dispute Resolution Membership rates are per campus unless otherwise agreed.



Frequently Asked Questions

We accept Education Dispute Resolution Membership Applications from all education providers registered under federal or state training authorities, including those who take international students. We will also accept membership applications from specialist training providers who work within the vocational training industry.

Yes. If your dispute requires escalation to an appeal, mediation or investigation additional fees will apply. Your Complaint Handling Policy should clearly state what fees, if any, your student is required to pay if their dispute is escalated. You must not use the threat of fees to discourage complaints.

As part of your membership we will undertake a desk audit and provide you with recommendations to improve your processes based on best practice standards for dispute resolution.

Yes. We provide professional development support, consulting, training and guidance for our members.

Being Compliant is as easy as joining Mi!

Our independent complaint handling service is like insurance for your dispute resolution obligations. You have to have it, you hope you don't have to use it but if you do we ensure that you are compliant with your registration obligations, help you to deal with issues and reach a resolution for them.